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$93 Main Line Drain Clearing Get Offer

$93 Main Line Drain Clearing Get Offer

What Is Permalining? A Florida Plumber Explains

Metal plumbing pipes

Have a damaged plumbing pipe? If so, a plumber may have mentioned permalining as a possible solution to fix it.

Permalining refers to a type of pipe repair where the plumber injects a special resin (called Perma-Liner™) into a leaky or cracked pipe. Once the resin hardens, it essentially creates a new pipe inside of the old damaged line. Because permalining does not require major excavation, plumbers often recommend it as a cost-effective option to repair hard-to-reach underground pipes.

We know you probably have more questions. In this blog, we’ll answer the following FAQs about permalining:

  • How Does Permalining Work?
  • What Are the Advantages of Permalining?
  • Is Permalining Reliable?

Have a damaged pipe? Our expert plumbers can help. When you hire Red Cap, you can count on us for upfront pricing and reliable permalining work.

How Does Permalining Work?

Plumber conducting an inspection

First, before any repair work begins, the plumber will perform a camera inspection to assess the damage and the cause of the leak in the pipe. After the camera inspection, the plumber will clear any invading tree roots or debris within the old pipe.

Once the plumber has cleaned the old pipe, they can start the permalining process. Permalining is a “trenchless” pipe repair method, which means no excavation is required to fix the damaged pipe. Instead of digging up the entire section of the damaged pipe, the plumber simply inserts a new coat of epoxy resin into the pipe and drags it through the damaged section.

Once the plumber pulls the resin through the damaged pipe, they use hot steam to cure (dry) the resin. The resin can be steam-cured within 30 minutes or so. In total, plumbers can usually complete the entire permalining process within a day.

What Are the Advantages of Permalining?

Permalining offers 3 main advantages compared to other pipe repair options:

  1. It’s Faster
  2. It’s Less Disruptive
  3. It’s Usually Less Expensive

Let’s look at each of these advantages in more detail below.

It’s Faster

Compared to traditional pipe repair (which involves digging up the damaged pipe and replacing it directly), permalining is typically less time-consuming. Excluding preparation and diagnostic time, permalining typically only takes a day to complete. A traditional pipe repair requiring excavation can take several days to complete.

It’s Less Disruptive

Since permalining doesn’t require major excavation, it means the plumber can skip digging into your lawn, interior flooring, or your carport to fix the damaged pipe. Instead, the plumber can drag the Perma-Liner™ resin through a single access point (usually the sewer cleanout).

It’s Usually Less Expensive

Permalining is roughly a third of the cost of a full pipe replacement. Since full pipe replacements require more labor and restoration expenses, they’re significantly more expensive than permalining projects.

Is Permalining Reliable?

If done correctly, permalining is a reliable pipe repair option. In fact, permalining is designed to last homeowners a minimum of 50 years.

That said, in some scenarios, the plumber may still need to excavate to fix the broken pipe (for example, if you have a collapsed sewer line). The plumber you hire will inspect the damaged pipe to determine if permalining is a viable repair option for your situation.

Need a Pipe Repair? Our Trusted Team of Plumbers Can Help

Red Cap plumbers are ready to help you perma-line your pipes.

For decades, Red Cap plumbers have provided Florida residents with reliable and long-lasting pipe repairs. When you hire us to fix your leaky pipe, you can count on fast service, transparent pricing, and exceptional repair work.

Learn more about our trenchless pipe repair process by visiting our permalining service page.

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