$99 Main Line Drain Clearing Get Offer

$99 Main Line Drain Clearing Get Offer

$99 Main Line Drain Clearing Get Offer

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Nationally, the average home loses up to 30-40% of its cooled air to duct leaks. That means your home could feel warmer than it should, and you could be wasting money conditioning your attic instead of your home. For improved energy efficiency, call Red Cap, and we'll give your leaky ductwork the Aeroseal treatment! It's a non-toxic sealant that eliminates leaks from the inside of your ductwork, improving home comfort and reducing energy bills.

Just like all of our services, we'll provide you with the best guarantee protections in the state, and we'll respect your time in the process.

How It Works

Your Aeroseal Duct Leak Sealing Service in 5 Simple Steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment: Schedule with our service team today, and we'll send over a technician for a price estimate. Every technician at Red Cap is background-checked and trained on Aeroseal duct treatments, so you can always expect the best of Tampa Bay to arrive at your door.

  2. Get an arrival call: Your technician will give you a courtesy call when they are close to arrival. Our team is committed to always arriving on time and providing quality service for all repair or replacement jobs.

  3. Inspect the ductwork: A technician will thoroughly inspect your ductwork's size and condition. We'll provide you with both a pre and post-test showing you the amount of leakage and your potential savings. If your ductwork has holes, we'll find them and then 100% seal them with Aeroseal.

  4. Get pricing — upfront: We don't begin any job without giving our customers an upfront pricing estimate. You'll get no surprise costs or pricing games when you hire Red Cap—guaranteed. After we inspect your ductwork, we'll provide a fixed-price quote for the work that we'll honor no matter what.

  5. Relax while we aeroseal ductwork leaks: We guarantee on-time and on-budget quality work. Our technicians will review the process with you, answer any of your questions, and then get started. We'll inject the sealant from inside your ductwork and monitor it in real time to ensure all holes are completely sealed. A typical Aeroseal job takes 1 day on average.



Benefits of Aeroseal Duct Sealing

  1. Improves home comfort and air quality: Sealing duct leaks prevents your home from having uneven temperatures, with some rooms being hotter or colder than others. You'll also prevent dust or debris from being circulated throughout your home through leaky ductwork, improving your indoor air quality and reducing your household's allergy symptoms.

  2. Increases energy efficiency and decreases costs: If you're noticing higher-than-normal energy bills, sealing duct leaks with Aeroseals means decreasing your energy bills as no more cooled air will go towards your attic and other unconditioned areas. With a fully-sealed ductwork system, your HVAC system will operate more efficiently.

  3. Extends your ductwork's lifespan: Aerosealing your ducts can extend your ductwork's lifespan by 10-40 years.

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