$93 Main Line Drain Clearing Get Offer

$93 Main Line Drain Clearing Get Offer

$93 Main Line Drain Clearing Get Offer

How To Save Water and Money

Water conservation is an important part of improving ecosystems, and we can lead the charge by saving money and water at home. Better water efficiency and changing household water usage habits are great ways to reduce gallons of wasted water yearly. Minimizing your water usage is essential to help avoid shortages in other areas and droughts.

There are several easy things you can do to help reap significant water savings, including:

  • Fixing Dripping or Running Plumbing Fixtures
  • Fixing Appliance Leaks
  • Fixing Water Line Leaks
  • Changing Water Use Habits

Below, we’ll discuss each issue in detail and walk you through diagnosing some more common problems.

Tired of Hearing an Endless Drip or Paying a Steadily Increasing Water Bill

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Fixing Dripping or Running Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing leaks can waste as little as a few gallons a week or thousands of gallons, depending on the fixture and the leak's extent. According to the EPA, a dripping faucet can waste about 3,000 gallons of water every year. Toilet leaks can be even worse and more difficult to notice. If you hear it running nonstop, you know there's a problem, but did you know that toilets can develop silent leaks?

If your water bill seems outrageously high and you think you might have a silent leak, pour a cup of dark liquid (coffee or cola) or some food coloring into the toilet tank. Don't flush! Seeing the color travel to the bowl without a flush is a clear sign of a leak. Call the Red Cap Plumbing, Air & Electric team fast to help get your fixtures leak-free.

Fixing Appliance Leaks

Appliances often offer incredible water savings. Did you know that using a dishwasher (as long as it's fully loaded!) can save you water daily? It's true! Using a dishwasher to clean up in the evening can save as much as 5,000 gallons a year. Newer appliances have incredible water efficiency and offer dramatic savings compared to hand washing. The same is true for washing machines for your clothes. However, if these appliances develop a leak, it can also lead to a lot of wasted water.

It's usually pretty obvious when your appliances are leaking. Water tends to puddle around the base of the machine, giving you a clear indicator of a problem. Call a plumber immediately if you notice water below your dishwasher or around the washing machine. Often, the problem is as simple as a broken gasket or connector, and you can stop wasting water and deal with water damage quickly and affordably.

Turn Off the Water While Brushing Your Teeth

Although this may be a more common problem with children, we all forget now and then. Turning off the sink while brushing your teeth is an easy and effective way to conserve water daily! Wet your toothbrush before brushing your teeth, and fill a glass of water to rinse your mouth when you are finished. Each person can save up to 3 to 4 gallons of water in those few minutes of brushing their teeth daily by turning off the faucet!

Fixing Water Line Leaks

Water line leaks can be a major problem for homeowners. If left unchecked, they can cause serious damage to your property and lead to costly repairs. Some of the signs that can let you know about a water line leak include:

  • A sudden drop in water pressure.
  • Wet spots on the ground surrounding your home.
  • Increased water usage according to your bill.
  • You hear water running, even when everything is turned off.
  • The ground outside is muddy though the weather has been sunny.
  • Sinkholes.

If you notice any of these signs, it's time to call a professional plumber for help. Water leak detection can require special tools when the source of the problem isn't immediately visible.

There are several options available if you need a repair. The most common method is to use a pipe patch, a rubber or plastic patch placed over the leaky area. This can be a quick and easy solution but it is not always the most effective. Another option is to use a pipe wrap, a bandage-like material wrapped around the pipe, which is more effective but also more difficult to install.

If a replacement is needed, your plumber will need to dig up the damaged section of the pipe and replace it with a new one. It's time-consuming and costly, but it is important to ensure a proper fix.

Changing Water Use Habits

With your home already leak-free and your household paying attention to how much water you use, it's time to look at your landscaping. Changing how you water your plants and decorate your yard can dramatically reduce water usage.

Drought-resistant landscaping and smart irrigation systems effectively save water and reduce the strain on local water resources. Select plants native to the area and that can thrive in dry conditions. These plants typically have deep roots, which allow them to access water deep in the soil, and they often have thick leaves that help to retain moisture. By choosing drought-resistant plants, homeowners can reduce the need for frequent watering and save water in the long run.

Smart irrigation systems, also known as irrigation controllers, are designed to automatically adjust the watering schedule based on the weather and the needs of the plants. These systems use sensors to measure soil moisture, temperature, and precipitation and adjust the watering schedule accordingly. They can also be programmed to run during off-peak hours, which can help to reduce water usage during times of high demand.

Ready to Start Saving on Your Water Bill Today?

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