SAME-DAY SERVICE GUARANTEED - $99 Main Line Drain Clearing Get Offer

SAME-DAY SERVICE GUARANTEED - $99 Main Line Drain Clearing Get Offer

SAME-DAY SERVICE GUARANTEED - $99 Main Line Drain Clearing Get Offer

Heavy Rain and Plumbing Problems in Florida

Is heavy rain in Florida giving you plumbing problems?

Florida is known as the sunshine state, but we’re also one of the rainiest. For this reason, homeowners can experience several rain-related plumbing problems. And if left untreated, they can lead to permanent damage and expensive home repairs.

To make sure that your Florida home is ready for hurricane and storm season, let’s take a look at some common plumbing problems that can occur because of heavy rain:

  • Backed Up Drains
  • Burst or Cracked Pipes
  • Yellow or Brown Colored Tap Water
  • Wet Spots in Your Yard

We’ll then provide some tips to prevent these issues from reoccurring.

Do you have backed-up drains and are worried about your home’s plumbing system during hurricane season? Red Cap is here to help! Just give us a call. Our plumbing experts provide reliable advice and upfront pricing estimates.

Backed up Drains

Heavy rain can exacerbate backed-up or slow-moving drains.

Backed-up drains are one of the biggest plumbing problems that Florida homeowners face during heavy rain.

Not only is it highly inconvenient, but the influx of rain and wastewater can also cause damage to your home’s foundation, fill up your septic tank (if you have one), and/or lead to burst or cracked pipes.

Heavy rain can exacerbate slow drain or frequent clogs from tree roots, grease buildup, or typical drainage problems. Due to problems potentially worsening, it's crucial to address them before storm season or after rain.

How to Fix:

Depending on your clog's severity or location, a plumber may use hydro-jetting, which is a highly effective method for heavy-duty clogs.

Additionally, make sure your foundation has a proper sealant. If it’s not, heavy rain can cause flooding and permanent damage.

Burst or Cracked Pipes

Excessive rainwater puts pressure on your water pipes.

When flooded with water, excess pressure can cause your pipes to burst or crack. Usually, older homes with fragile plumbing experience this problem, but even modern pipes can crack under certain conditions.

For example, as water fills your pipes, rainwater will also permeate the surrounding ground. Whether the pressure is due to shifted ground or extra weight on your plumbing system, it can be too much for your pipes to handle. And in time, they can break.

How to Fix:

Schedule a plumbing repair diagnostic. During your repair diagnostic, your plumber may perform a camera inspection. That way, they can pinpoint the exact location of any damage and find the easiest way to access and repair it

Yellow or Brown Colored Tap Water

If you notice yellow or brown colored tap water following a heavy rainstorm, it could be contaminated. When pipes burst, crack, or shift, underground soil or sediment can infiltrate freshwater lines.

Even if unrelated to storm damage, if you notice discolored tap water coming from your faucets, do NOT drink or use it for bathing. Your water could contain hazardous contaminants.

How to Fix:

Call a plumber for immediate inspection. Being without water service is a severe inconvenience and should be addressed ASAP. Moreover, with excess sediment buildup in your pipes, you could risk major clogs and additional repair costs.

Wet Spots in Your Yard

If your rain gutters and downspouts are poorly angled, water can build up in your yard.

It’s normal for the ground to be wet after it rains. But if you see wet or soggy spots that don’t go away, you could have a more serious problem that could cause structural damage.

Soggy spots can happen for a couple of reasons:

  • Shifted ground and broken pipes. Like we mentioned above, heavy rains can put a strain on your underground pipes. If the pipes happen to shift, your pipes can break once the soil dries. A broken pipe can lead to a sudden pooling of water. With nowhere to go, the water will form a visible wet spot in your yard.
  • Poorly directed downspouts. Your rain gutters and downspouts keep rainwater from pooling around your home. But if poorly installed, disconnected, or broken, your downspouts won’t drain correctly, often causing a buildup of water in your yard.

How to Fix:

Contact a professional plumbing company for a repair diagnostic. Whether due to shifted ground or downspouts, standing water can cause damage to your home’s foundation (not to mention being a breeding ground for mosquitoes), so it’s best to have it looked at as soon as possible. Additionally, the plumber will make sure that downspouts can properly drain.

Need Help with Plumbing Problems in Florida? Contact Tampa’s Best: Red Cap Plumbing!

If you’re experiencing any of the above problems, it’s a good idea to have your home’s plumbing system inspected. Contact the Red Cap family, and we’ll send one of our highly trained plumbers straight to your home. During your visit, we’ll make sure your Tampa home is prepared for heavy rain, no matter what time of year!

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