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Cost to Install Faucets in Florida

How much does it cost to install faucets in Florida?

Ready to give your kitchen and bathrooms a quick facelift? New faucets can save on water and brighten up rooms all in one.

New technologies give you options that can make controlling your water easier, with motion activation and touch controls that add accessibility and usability. It's nice to turn on the water with a wave of your hand when working with raw meat or other items that could spread contamination. All of these upgrades can come at a premium.

Some of the factors that can affect your cost to install faucets in Florida include:

  • The Faucet Style
  • Installation and Labor Considerations
  • Plumber You Hire

Need a Plumber to Upgrade Your Faucets?

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The Faucet Style

The faucet style can affect installation costs.

The EPA recommends using Water Sense faucets and fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen to help cut down on wasted water. According to the agency's estimates, they could help you save as much as 11,000 gallons of water over a faucet's lifetime. All styles of faucets can come with Water Sense aeration technology to reduce the flow rate, giving you a wide range of installation options.

Some of the most common faucet styles include:

  • Ball
  • Disc
  • Cartridge
  • Compression

Ball Faucets

Common in kitchens, ball faucets have a single handle that rotates on a round mount to control water flow and temperature. These are among the most affordable faucets and often get installed in kitchens due to their easy, one-hand operation. Unfortunately, they are also prone to leaking and identifying the source of their leaks can be difficult. These faucets tend to need frequent replacements.

Disc Faucets

Disc faucets feature a cylindrical mount for the control handle that moves water through a pressure balance cartridge to obtain the desired temperature. Because these are some of the newest faucet designs on the market, they are expensive to install. On the plus side, these faucets have great longevity and rarely need repairs.

Cartridge Faucets

Commonly found in bathrooms, cartridge faucets have a left and right handle to control hot and cold water. The turning action is smooth and easy due to the internal cartridge that controls water flow. Cartridge faucets are generally reliable.

Compression Faucets

You might have compression faucets on a utility sink or in older homes. At first glance, they look similar to cartridge faucets, but you often have to exert more force to turn them on and off. These older models are inexpensive, though they tend to wear out quickly. However, repairs are often affordable due to low part costs.

Adding Technology to the Mix

You'll generally see motion-sensitive and other smart controls on newer faucets like disc-operated versions.

Installation and Labor Considerations

Several factors can affect your total cost when installing a new faucet, including your plumbing layout, countertop configuration, and whether you're installing an entirely new faucet or replacing an existing one.

When your older faucet isn't in good condition, a replacement can take longer as a plumber may have to saw off the old fixture due to rust, and more labor time equals higher final bills. Or, maybe the plumbing connected to the faucet needs significant repairs.

If you need any changes to your plumbing, it can add a lot to the labor costs for installing a faucet. For example, if you're moving a sink placement, expect to add and move pipes, which will add time and expense.

Changing the faucet's placement or style may require changing your countertops for installation, adding time and cost. For example, a plumber may have to make new cutouts on your countertop, which can be very time-consuming with surfaces like granite or marble.

Plumber You Hire

While you might find someone offering to put in your faucets for cheap, it's important to find a high-quality contractor as you use these water access points dozens of times a day. A hidden leak can cause tremendous damage, so finding a professional plumber to handle your faucet installation is critical.

When you're looking for a good plumbing company, check for:

  • License numbers and insurance information. Reliable contractors post their license numbers for you to reference and check with the state agency that regulates their business. They should also provide detailed information about their insurance policy and coverage.
  • Good online reviews. One of the best ways to find a good plumbing company is by looking for satisfied customers. Always check the online reviews for any company before you welcome them into your home. Also, check the dates on their reviews. A 5-star review from 5 years ago may not be as accurate as one from the current year.
  • Upfront written estimates. If a contractor won't give you the estimate in writing, that's a big red flag. Ensure you get an estimate that shows all of the work included and covers any add-ons that may come up.

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